Challenges & Opportunities

Transport and Access

The vehicular access arrangements to the Skelton Gate development were approved in detail as part of the outline planning application for the first phase of the scheme and under a S38 highways agreement entered into by the Council in December 2017.  This approved access will serve the existing consented housing site, the Motorway Service Area and this second planning application site, with internal roads connecting the site to the junction.

Pedestrian and cycle routes will be provided within the development, which will provide connections to the wider Skelton Gate development and the existing and future employment and retail opportunities in the local area.

In terms of public transport, the landowner has entered into a legal agreement that will secure a financial contribution towards the provision of a bus service to serve the Skelton Gate development.

Ground Investigations

The site is suitable to accommodate residential development and Templegate Developments Limited are working with the National House Building Council ("NHBC") to achieve their Land Endorsement Certificate which would result in homes benefiting from NHBC warranties.


Noise assessments have been undertaken to ascertain the noise impacts from the M1 motorway and adjacent land uses. The result of the assessment has been fed into the masterplan.

Mitigation measures can be incorporated into the design of buildings to reduce noise impacts if required.


The existing trees and shrubs along the periphery of the site will be retained and enhanced where possible, supplemented with additional landscape buffers, screening and hedgerows.

Flood Risk

The entirety of the site is located within Flood Zone 1 of the Environment Agency’s indicative flood map and as such represents a low flood risk.

As part of the planning application submission a Flood Risk Assessment will be provided, that will outline the proposed foul and surface water drainage system.


An Ecological Appraisal has been undertaken in respect of the site to ascertain whether protected species are present on site. The report sets out mitigation measures and concludes that subject to implementing these measures, there is no evidence to suggest that protected species will be negatively affected by the development of the site.

As part of the Phase 1 consent, a significant area of land, together with Skelton Lake, is to be managed as a nature reserve by the RSPB.